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The Planetous Guide for Composting

Raising Gardens From Garbage

On an average almost half of waste generated from an average Indian household is compostable which has an immense potential to feed the earth and make it fertile. But sadly most of it heaps up the landfills and poisons the Nature

How do I begin?

Composting Techniques



This is the simplest method of decomposition in which layers of waste and dirt are left to decompose in presence of bacteria and oxygen. This can be done is multiple ways depending on space and family .



A method that has gone popular due to its low space requirements. Waste is left to decompose in an airtight box. Liquid generated in closed condition is strained out and used as a liquid fertilizer.



If worms are not an issue to you, then this method is fastest and easiest. Worms of a number of genuses are used in this method. Indian earthworm is our take.

Custom Compost

Answer a few of our questions and we have a customized composting plan for you!

Family Details
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Vermicompost has an array of benefits as far as nutritional value of the product and time taken to compost is concerned. It turns out that vermicompost is richer in easily absorbable nutrients. It’s easier to manage as you need not to turn it or monitor its temperature.

Anaerobic Composting


Bokashi is a revolutionary chapter in the history of composting and has helped millions of households to compost inside their homes which otherwise was a farfetched idea for small apartments. The method breaks all the shackles that deprived common households from composting by digesting all sorts of organic waste, even meat, dairy and leftovers

Aerobic composting


The heat produced in aerobic composting is sufficient to kill harmful bacteria and pathogens as these organisms are not adapted to these environmental conditions. It also helps support the growth of beneficial bacteria species which thrive at the higher temperature levels.

How to choose a Composting Method?


Devoting some of our time and energy to compost our wet waste is an investment for our kids’ future. Personaly, we started composting because amidst our busy office schedule it was easier for us to toss out wet waste into compost bin, rather handing it over daily to the garbage collector

The dos and don’ts of composting


If not turned frequently, the centre of the pile may get too hot for the microbes and over the time the airflow through the pile also reduces significantly.

What is Compost?


Planetous is counting on those innumerable families across the world, that believe in the idea of composting and will not give up because the recipe got wrong once. We promise to make you sail through the process so smoothly that you would love to do

Composting Benefits


The goodness that composting brings to our planet is way more than the harm brought to it by sending the same organic waste to the landfills. Your small act of composting at homes not only converts wet trash into beautiful earthy compost, but it also saves it from rotting amidst hazardous waste in the landfills.

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