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Mint/ Pudina

This one is a must have herb for those with poor digestion. It can fight digestive infections, relieve gas and masks bad breath. Some mint growing in a pot can sweep out many pills from your house.


Mint, the group of 15-20 herbs that come under the family are a key ingredient of various industrial products including, toothpastes, balms, pain relievers, candies, beauty products and digestive pills. Peppermint and spearmint are the most valued of these plants. Mint works against harmful microbes, regulates muscle relaxation, and helps control inflammation. These fast growing climbers and perennials that grow fast and propagate easily. A mint grow pot at home is a magic relief pot for a number of ailments.


A magic potion for those with a poor digestion, mint is believed to relieve irritable bowel syndrome. This obviously makes it a go-to herb for relief from indigestion or an upset stomach. A medicinal salt preparation made by hand pounding mint leaves, ginger, chilli and salt help relieve gas, and works as an appetizer.
Topical application of crushed mint leaves can heal sore, cracked nipples. The cooling effect of mint leaves often takes away the pain. And this is why mint is used for treating cold and flu as well. Mint makes a great mouth freshener, so grab a couple of leaves from your home garden and munch on them before leaving the house and give a fresh start to the day.


How to grow?


Mint is super easy to propagate.You can start your own at your very own kitchen windowsill without any fancy requirements. Store bought mint can be propagated by dipping its leaves in a bottle of fresh water . Roots emerge as soon as in two days to a couple of weeks.

Although mint is not sensitive to direct light, but a rooting cutting should be kept away from direct sunlight. Once the cutting has regrown you can plant the cutting in a pot or transfer it to ground. Mint can also be propagated directly into the soil. We prefer the water propagation method as it helps to keep a check on the development of the plant.


Once established, mint is an easy growing herb which is quite invasive in nature especially if planted on the ground. The best way to tame the plant is to keep harvesting . Growing in a pot helps a lot with wild growth.Plucking of the leaves keeps growth on, and the bush in good shape. Fresh new leaves have lovely aroma of the essential oils.

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