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The dawn of civilization brought with it, an unending greed for energy in mankind. No matter how organic we live, mechanical devices and electrical equipments will always continue to mark their presence even though from behind the curtains. 

Perpetual is the space where we try to seek solutions to our energy needs in symbiosis with nature.  

Image by Egor Myznik

Natural Cooling

Every invention that cannot sustainably florish with nature will have to be replaced after a while. In the rat race of providing enegy efficient, fast cooling solutions, markets got flooded with an array of equipments to lure the customers. But it lead to nowhere!

We tried to dig out some solutions from the past, when things were truly sustainable. 


Natural Heating

The Sun provides the necessary warmth to our planet which made it able to sustain life.  There are numerous ways we can harness the the warmth from the sun and the earth  rather depending on the Powerplants that are leaving massive carbonfootprints on the face of our planet 

Sun Room
Sunny Bedroom

Natural Lighting

One rightly facing window can light up your room in the hues that artificial lighting can never produce. Natural lighting has its own charm and sense of wellness.

Lets discuss how to direct natural lighting into out homes .

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Image by Bill Pennell


Lessons from the Nature

What makes the woodpecker bear an acceleration ten times higher than a car crash twentytwo times per second and still come out unscratched? What makes trees structurally so stable? 

There are infinite such inspirations from mother nature which can be back engineered to solve many of our problems in a sustainable way.

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