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We carried out an indepth research on ground situation of graywater in India and the status of the same across the world. This section aims at providing complete solutions, from small day today changes to recommendations for plumbing modifications that can help us utilize gray water to maximum extent.

Whether you are a water savior or just an average busy citizen, we have a solution for all.

What is Graywater?

 Water that has not come into contact with solid fecal waste.This greatly decreases the risk of disease and increases the speed at which it can be broken down and safely reabsorbed. It is relatively clean for various uses.

Some easy uses of Gray water

Power Washing Bench

Grey water from laundry rinse, can be used for washing outdoors.

Cleaning Materials

Final rinsing water from laundry is almost clean water, Good enough to mop entire house.

Plant Watering

Most recommended use of greywater is watering plants. However,keep a check on chemicals present in water before watering.

Washing the Car

Grey water from laundry rinse, can be used for washing carwashes

Precautions while using Greywater

As good as foodleft overs greywater if not used or treated in a short time, can turn into blackwater in as low as 24 hrs. But letting it go down the sewage is even worse. So what are the precautions or inhouse treatements for grey water?

Image by Austin Kehmeier


Water Tanks


Community Collection

Grey water if collected on community level can be used for fish farming, irrigation, parks maintenance, tree watering etc

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