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Waste Management

A practical journey from gradually reducing waste to achieving sustainabily

Rinsing down the drain, dumping in the dustbin,

takes the waste out of your sight not out of the planet.

It travels, in multiple ways, back into our lives .

The Zero Waste Guide

Organic Compost

Composting reduces waste load of an average household by 50-70%! Besides, Its an incredible gift to

Mother Nature. 

Skim out single use plastic from your life, without compromising your lifestyle. Just slip in a small muslin bag before leaving home, and take first step to end single use plastic trash in your life.

Custom Orders

Our shopping choices contribute most to the waste we generate. Most of plastic comes from  packaging and lesser the trash enters our home, lesser trash we have to deal with later. 

In Indian setup, the recyclable trash is to be segregated and hazardous stuff can be handed over to the trash vehicle. Sell recyclables to a local ragpicker and save it from heaping up the landfill.

Plastic Bag Recycling

To the last drop!

From harvesting rainwater to reusing grey water and treating black water, saving water is the most precious gift that you can leave for your kids and their generations to come. The underrated liquid of life still struggles to find some respect and value amidst our society. Capetown, Chennai Shimla etc. have already proven that the water crisis is not a thing of future. Its here! Are you geared up with your family?

Upcoming article series


Cooling the Nature's way 



Lessons from nature


Image by Riccardo Annandale

Energy saved is energy produced



              Planetous, is a story of a ridiculously ordinary couple with common living, common cravings, insanely hectic schedules, multiple responsibilities and long working hours just like anyone else. We have toiled through exhaustive research papers, internet articles and lives of different people to formulate content that simplifies the aspects of natural living. We scribble through latest research papers and patents, and simultaneously explore the depths of our ancient texts to bring forth to you, a conclusive extract of our findings that is simple enough to be applied in our daily lives. And to garnish this all, we walk our talk in our own busy lives so that it inspires each household and business around the globe. We believe that concern for the planet or sustainable practices should not be fancied and should be made lucid enough to become a commoners way of life. Lets make the path simple enough for each and everyone to follow.

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