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All those clean and filthy streams that we mess up,down here on the land are distilled up by the nature to shower on us as pure water. Let us catch it with all what we have before it runs off!

Why should you harvest Rainwater?

Water Security


Rainwater harvesting is an investment that will pay back for generations to come.

Chemical Free

Glass of Water

Rainwater is water  harvested at the origin of water cycle. Water in any form can be said as  degraded version of it.

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Improves Groundwater Table


Redirecting rainwater to replenish water table is an investment that will reap out for years to come.

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Good for Plants


Rainwater cherishes the plant in a way, not mode of irrigation can. It dissolves excess chemicals from the soli and pushes them beyond the root zone.

Makeshift Arrangements

No need to let the drops drain if you don't have a rainwater harvesting system. We have multiple ways to fetch it.

Beginners Effort

It doesn't start with a complex harvesting system. A barrel, a bucket or a can are enough to give you the first push.

Retrofitted Systems

Its a myth that rainwater harvesting system is a part of construction plan. Explore retrofitting options with us.


Anatomy of a typical Rainwater Harvesting System

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What do India's major cities have got to say about Rainwater harvesting? 


Mandatoy Water Harvesting through storing of water runoff including rain water in all new buildings on plots of 100 sq. meters and above.
•inspection before issue of Completion Certificate to the building and ensure that the RWH is made as per plan.


Every owner or occupier of a building with site area 2400 sq. feet or above or every owner who proposes to construct a building with site area more than 1200 sq. feet shall provide rain water harvesting structures


The State Government has made rainwater harvesting mandatory for all buildings that are being constructed on plots that are more than 1,000 sq m in size


Surat Municipal Corporation has made Rain water harvesting mandatory for new buildings with plot size of 4000 sq. meters or more. 50 % subsidy maximum amount up to Rs. 2000/- is given to the citizens to encourage the noble cause of rainwater recharging.

Similarly in areas such as Nagpur,Indore,Hyderabad,Kerala,Rajasthan,Gujrat, Haryana, Chandigarh, Himachal Pradesh, Daman & Diu, Goa, Lakshadweep, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Pondicherry, Gwalior, Ranchi, Mussorie, Jabalpur, West Bengal etc. water harvesting is enforced by Govt one way or another

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