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Recycling, doesnt just divert the wasteload from the land and the oceans, but it's a lot carbon efficient as well. The more recycled products start circulating in the markets, lesser will be the demand for virgin ones.

Recycling Bottles

Why Recycle?

Suppose you always need to have two plastic bottles in your house, and you have a magic box that turns old bottles into new for a few bucks. What does that mean?

You will stop buying new bottles.

You will stop trashing old bottles.

You will save a lot of money.

This is recycling. Recycling reduces demand of virgin plastic, stops plastic from heaping the landfills and the oceans and saves a lot of money and fuel.

Net Bag and Glass Jars

Reduce Usage

Less usage is the key. Products or packaging that cannot be recycled should strictly be not brought to the home.


Sort Recyclable trash such as bottles, packagings, glass metal etc and store it safely.

Sort and Save

Bubble Rolls

Identifying nonreclyclabes such as  Thermocol, Metal lined plastic bubble wrap etc is important. They should not be used at all, and if they have entered your home anyhow, seperate them from recyclable trash.

Identify non-recyclables


Understanding the Symbol

What does that little recycle symbol embossed on plastics mean? What is the significance of the number in the middle. One little symbol helps you a lot to understand the kind of plastic you are buying, it implications and recyclability.

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There is a lot to recycling that we need to know

Understanding the symbol

Understanding the symbol

Reducing Consumption

Reducing Consumption

Sort and save

Sort and save

Identify non-recyclables

Identify non-recyclables

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