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Waste reduction is one simple way to get away with waste at the source. Some simple habits, if incorporated into our lifestyles can bring a get change in the volumes of waste we generate. In this section we throw light on some areas of our lives where we have been generating waste in oblivion.

First steps towards waste reduction

Ditch the foil for reusable options

Although Aluminium foils are 100% recyclable, but who saves used foils for recycling? And even if you do, most of them have food waste stuck in that makes them unfit for recycling.In fact most foils end up in landfills.

Nip it in the bud: Easy waste reduction tips

Its all edible!

From broccoli stem to apple peels to stalks of the greens. It takes a lot of human effort and nature's craftsmanship to give food the shape it grows into. Lets try to  use every bit of what we buy to thank nature for what we received. Name the scrap and we will come up with a recipe.

Chopping Vegetables
Exhaust and refill

Perfering ink pens, refilling them before throwing away, using pencils more and above all thinking before printing. Lets follow some simple steps to save planet from stationery trash.

Image by Kasturi Roy
Shopping choices

The most invasive and incompostible waste comes from the single use plastic, which can only be reduced by not letting it inside your house. Prevention is the only remedy that can reduce plastic trash. And most of it depends on our shopping choices.

At the Supermarket
Ditch disposables on travel

From trashed beaches, to littery mountains, use of disposables during travel is unaccountable. What gives the traveller a little bit of convinience, leaves a big impression on the environment. a few simple steps can make a huge change.

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