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Most of the stuff you throw away simply lands up in the landfills. Even if you are an avid environment lover and send your waste for recycling, we would like to bring to light that recycling is an expensive affair. Also, there are things to which zero waste options are not available, like your car tyres. 

Reusing is answer to all such problems. If boycotting non compostable products is the best option then reusing them is certainly next to it.

Image by Jagoda Kondratiuk

What is Reuse?

Reusing an item is the practice of putting that thing to a different use or functionality than what it was made for. It's entirely different from recycling because it does not involve breaking down the product and remaking a different one.

Quick tips on Reusing daily stuff

Image by Bernard Hermant

Almost anything and everything that can be used as a container can be used as a planter. Broken jugs, ceramic mugs, plastic bottles etc. Spice up your garden with all these and block the trash under beautiful greens

Colorful Knitted Print

Cool braided rugs from used clothes are a great floor seating option. The rug makers are common street vendors in most cities acroos the country and they make beautiful dhurries out of trashed clothes.

Donation Boxes

Probably the best way to reuse your stuff is to donate it. Most of things that dont loose functionality like clothes or utensils are just thrown away because we get bored of them. If you need an overhaul then please let your stuff  make someone happy.

Salad in a Jar

Glass jars are one amazing packaging. Instead of sending for recycling or trashing, they can be used anywhere as containers, in the kitchen, for stationery etc. In fact they can be great for gifting your homemade stuff in. 

Contribute an Idea

Contribute your idea of reusing something that otherwise lands up in trash and we will post it in the DIY section below. Inspire more people to . DIYs that encourage reuse of trash and dont involve generating plastic bits or trash or buying more plastics will be encouraged more. 

Image by Frank Vessia

Do It Yourself

Do it yourself, but with us, at Planetous

Unravel creativity at its best, but for the sake of nature. Scroll through easy DIYs to put your daily scrap to reuse.In this section we post the contribution made by site members that can help us divert the landfill load to make some creative DIY stuff. 

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