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Water Reuse

One water many washes

Water drained from most of the jobs is good enough to be used in another.Water used to wash fruits and vegetables, boil pasta and pulses, etc can be used to water plants. 

Quick Tips on Water Reuse


Instead of washing under running water, vegetables can be washed in a tub or a vessel. This water can later be used to water plants, or for jobs like cleaning the stoves or kitchen platforms.

Image by Michal Balog

Leftover water from boiling pasta or pulses can be used as stock for curries and soups.Else it can be used to dip in your greasy utensils. Later this water can be used to water  your plants.


Water used for steaming food and vegetables or for sterlizing baby utensils is as good as drinking water. Can be used for making tea, coffee or for multiple jobs in the kitchen.

Image by Al Kawasa

A bunch of herbs growing by your kitchen window can be a reservoir for you small water throwaways. they soak up that extra cup, the water from wringing washcloths and much more.


Most of the water that goes down the drain in shower, handwash or in laundry can be reused for irrigation or washing outdoor floors, roads etc. 

Planetous has a complete plan for water mapping of your home to get the best from your graywater.

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