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All the more reasons to keep plants at home

They are the food, the medicine, the purifiers, the friend and what else not?

Planting a Plant

We believe in the immense power of direct interaction with nature. How the shade of a tree feels more restful than an air-conditioned room and how the song of falling rain puts my crying baby to sleep, has always strengthened that belief. It's not just about the nutrition and medicinal compounds a plant contains. It's a lot beyond that. When we come back home after a stressed out day, we can feel the tall rubber plant in our living room listening out to us. The magical effect these buddies have on your health and happiness lays the foundation for a better living.

Watering Indoor Plants

Plant parenting has immense therapeutic values. Plants have proven to bring joy to the lonely and depressed. They bring the freshness of outdoors inside our homes and lighten up the moment.

Water Purifiers

A number of water bed plants such as Canna have an amazing ability to break down and absorb the complex pollutants present in Graywater. A simple to dig graywater treatment setup can minimize sewage load from your house.


High rate of transpiration of succulents and some ferns make them natural humidifiers.

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