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A ride to a better tomorrow

The dawn of civilization had paved its way long to the horizon of dusk when the definition of development got reduced to seeking comfort. We have soaked up our bodies long enough in the tepid water of comfort that we have stopped realizing that its temperature has gotten too far from the initial baseline and now its quite difficult for us to jump off. We are just like frog in a boiling pot who never respected his surroundings and chose momentary comfort.

Get a health boost

Its high time now that we shrug ourselves off the shackles of comfort and come out of our controlled living conditions of our home and breath in the fresh air of life and perceive the environment the way it is. Grab your bicycle on this "World bicycle day, on June,3" and feel the torque on the pedal to a few kilometers to realize what you been missing being trapped inside the rooms. When air hits your face and evaporates the sweat that you have been drenched in, even 40 deg mornings feel like 18. The engine of the body goes whirring, the debris of the blood, toxins and the cholesterol makes its way out of the body through perspiration. It definitely doesn't end here, the release of endorphins takes your mood to a different level that a box of chocolates will not be able to.

Ease up your wallet

Now a days, cycles are more of a sport rather than a utility. Why ride empty when you can grab a bag of veggies or a bottle of milk on the way. Using bicycles for commuting short distances can not only cut down your fuel bills it also cuts down on your medicines and medical bills by keeping lifestyle diseases at bay. The cardio boost that a morning bicycle ride through the town gives, can save a lot on the gym subscription which most people end up not attending. Kids can ride to school saving a great deal on transport fees. A community that cycles collectively or residential societies where premises are reserved for bicycling score very high on road safety being accident free.

An environmental bliss

Can you imagine if you start commuting 5 kilometers of your daily distance through cycling you save the environment from 150kms every month i.e around 18 kg of carbon dioxide saved from being released. This in fact is contribution from just one person, the cumulative effect is cascading. Can you imagine a society, where motor vehicles are parked at a common parking area and there are only pedestrians and bicycles inside. How clean would be the gush of air in such a place. A place free of road accidents, no incessant honking at the turns and clean air will be perfect imagery of a healthy happy society that we dream of.

All this is just a few kilometers of bicycle ride from us. Today, we can at least promise ourselves to dislodge the rusting bikes we have and give them a fair chance to better our health and environment, The immense potential these petite machines have to change the face of future shall not rust down in our backyards or dusty garages.


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