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Treasure the Trash

In the wake of present day consumerism, most of the things we dont need are not out of their functionality, we throw them away mostly because of boredom. Excessive advertising and marketing tempt people to shell out money for things they don't need. Bella picked up a jar of blackberry jam from the mart for its beautiful packaging, knowing well that there was a jar full of homemade jam back at home. The new jam went to the platter while the older one waited to expire. We dont urge people to kill their temptations, we wish they could control them. In fact, when we know that the newly bought things will get our priority, we can let the old leftovers go away into the hands of the needy. Treasure the trash is one such platform where we insist people to reconsider what they already have before getting new stuff, and if they intend to get new ones, dont trash old stuff, just hand it out to someone in need. 

Woman Browsing in Clothing Store

Reusing is one easy way to get away with the trash you generate. Old clothes woven into rugs,Torn clothes as dusters or wipes, Broken mugs as planters etc. There are innumerable ways to reuse trash.


A hand blender with a broken blade can undergo an easy repair but is often trashed for a new one. A habit of repairing broken stuff can reduce a great load from landfills. Surprisingly, things like old watches and appliances are often dug out from landfills by ragpickers , but by then they are  beyond repair. 

Donation Boxes
Give Away

Shopping brings us happiness, and so does giving away. Each time you bring something home that you didn't need neccessarily, give away something to someone who needs it. Theres no fun in hoarding extra stuff, but theres a lot of joy in giving away.


Handling E-Waste

A study reveals that an average household hoards four small and two large items of electronic waste. Even totally disfunctional electronics can yield an array of useful items if recycled. Unfortunately many of us neglect this fact and trash some electronics without considering other options.

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