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TheUrban Minimalist

Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without

Resolutions often break when taken alone, but go a long way when efforts are teamed up. Join our initiative "the urban minimalist", a complete guide cum discussion platform aimed at shaping ecologically responsible communities. We teach methods, develop habits, discuss difficulties and help you overcome them. Lets build a better tomorrow!

Rethinking Waste


"Nip it in the bud"-The best way to combat waste is to let it not generate at all. Eating that last bite wont let you bloat or using refills to the last drop of ink doesn't take any effort. Lets unlock the reserves that we otherwise, let go away.


A broken mug makes a great planter. Similarly, it's easy to buy a new knife but better to sharpen the old one. We aim to revive the lost art of reusing things in easy ways. No, we are not teaching craft, just introducing some good simple ways to stretch product's life a bit more before they are trashed.


Rightly dumped is half recovered.  Although our waste has been considerably minimized but not entirely eliminated. And most of that trash can be deviated from landfills by either recycling or composting. We insist our readers to settle their organics at home by composting. And for the rest, we have a plan!

There is no better gift for mother earth than composting. It’s like feeding the soil, which supports all the life forms. Compost, is a sigh of relief, that says “Thank god it didn’t end up in the landfill”. Be it a bachelor, a working mother, a homemaker, restaurateur or a community. Planetous has a composting solution for all.

Planetous Guide to Composting

Treasure the Trash

Let your willful waste meet someone's woeful want

The definition of being usable varies from person to person. Not everything deserves to be trashed, some of them can really travel long before being dumped or may get recycled.

Sometimes it looks easier to buy a new appliance or a gadget than repairing the old one. It might seem economically viable but, it is not so ecologically.  Here we intend on urging people to repair/resell/donate the stuff before trashing it.  

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