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Elixir of Life

It rained pure,we littered it;

It filtered down the earth;we polluted it again

We polluted the streams,the ocean, and even the rain

Soon all the throats will run dry, and water will be  flooding the drains 

Planetous tries to bring forth all such efforts, that can save all those precious drops of water from slipping down the drains in vain.

The three Rs of Water Conservation


Using water from a container rather running water saves water waste by more than 30 percent in almost every task. From brushing teeth to quitting showers for bucket baths, peep in to discover whats really worth it and whats not.

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One stream to wash nine sins

Before it slips off to the bins


Reusing wastewater is the real challenge.Although reducing water wastage itself does a lot towards water conservation, but with overburdening world population and highly water stressed patches in the world,Reuse of waste water has become need of the hour.

Rainwater Harvesting

The imminence of water crisis is not a hidden fact. Rainwater harvesting can be that hidden pot of gold you wish to leave for your generations to come. Planetous unravels  all the permutations and combinations for different family size and housing arrangements to harvest all those drops of pure rain to be fetched when city taps will run dry.

Its not water,its life slipping down the drain.

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