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Abandon Running Water

Long before the pipelines were laid and the people had the convenience of fetching water directly from personal taps at their homes, water was a much valued resource. Not because it was scarce, but largely because fetching each gallon was a lot of effort.

As devlopment started hitting various faces of life, the cities got laid with a network of pipelines and water faucets were installed at homes mostly as a a necessity rather than luxury. Since then, we fail to appreciate the convenience of being able to get water at our homes, as and when we need it.

Tap water has been a tremendous source of water waste across the globe for centuries and has been a curious research topic in regions with high water stress. It has been observed that water consumption is reduced by 30-80percent when contained water or mugs are used for ablutions rather than running water depending on the type of job. For example, brushing teeth is one job where individual irresponsibility can lead to significant water waste, whereas the actual job is a matter of a cup or two. Other daily ablutions such as washing face and frequent washing of hands and feet also consume a lot of water under running faucet. A bucket or a mug can be used for the job to reduce water consumption by 30-40 percent. Daily ablutions account for around 20-30% of water consumed in a house hold, so if this fraction is wisely used and in fact put to reuse, a huge load on water demand can be slashed off. In many old indian rural setups we often have seen a tap or a handpump installed in the courtyard which is used for washing hands, feet, and face. Drains from this area were directed to the plants/ fields nearby. This water first quenches the plants and then seeps down the soil as groundwater. This is the ideal water cycle that utilizes the water at its best. In mordern systems, this multiple use cycle requires plumbing and some modifications. Besides, with the rising population, wise utilization of water has become quite neccessary. Since we cannot easily navigate waste water to fields, its better to waste less water instead.

Turning the tap off while brushing teeth or scrubbing your face, can save a huge amount of water across the planet. It’s even better to use a container because that reduces the consumption to the volume that is exactly required. Conduct a simple experiment at home by keeping a bucket under the tap while washing your face and do the same by using water from a mug. Now, compare the amount of water used in both the cases. Imagine how much water can be saved by billions of people who wash their faces and brush their teeth across the globe daily. . Your one small step can change the destiny of the planet.

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