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Conserving RO wastewater

On an average an RO purifier wastes 3 liters of water per liter purified water. The water that is wasted is just fresh pure tap water

The gurgling down of water from the wastewater pipe of our RO purifier had been annoying us since the installation. Busy in our hectic schedules, the only bit we could do was to switch the RO off as soon as the tank got filled. We must have drained hundreds of liters down the drain before getting time to explore its uses.
RO Reject water is often routed to the kitchen sink during installation. The simplest way to harness this water is to clean and block the sink drain so that it gets collected in the sink. Now mix some soap in this water and use this soapy water to clean the dishes. A better way is to route the reject water into a bucket and use it for cleaning, watering plants, mopping floors, etc.We came across some innovative setups that made this process completely hassle-free. For example, one setup involved routing the water to a storage tank that was fit for domestic uses such as cleaning, washing, mopping, etc. Although one should check the TDS levels of wastewater before using it for irrigation, as high TDS level may render it unfit watering the plants. Still, RO wastewater can be ranked next to clean water, and therefore, it can be used in multiple ways.
We have kept a bucket under the reject water pipe, and we use this water for cleaning utensils or for washing clothes. Its been a practice for a while now and the results have been great. TDS levels of our reject water are pretty low so we even don't mind watering our houseplants with it. It is very unfortunate for all households that use Reverse Osmosis for purification of water as it generates three times the waster water of what it purifies. We should keep in our minds that there are households where water supplies are very limited, and water is scarcely available even for drinking and cooking purposes. If every household across your street saves the wastewater from the purifier, it can meet the complete water requirement of a nearby temporary slum for days. We hope that this will urge you to go and grab a bucket to collect that RO waste trickle and let it not flow down the drain.

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