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Composting: Rotting the organic

Why is composting so important?
Welcome to the new way of life! By now you must have developed a different perspective towards things you own, consume, buy or throw away. It’s now time to dive a little deeper into our nooks and corner of our homes to fetch out some important points on waste generation. The most important step that will reduce waste by more than half is, Composting. This is why we started potting plants initially. Composting plays major role when it comes to waste reduction. In fact, it must be the first step towards your zero waste goals. But we started with gardening to keep your composting goals motivated through the journey.

Don’t toss in incompostables: Even a bit of plastic or aluminum foil in your compost pile can turn your earthy compost pile into a messy mini landfill. The concept behind composting is to dump all that can rot and form back into fertile earth. Corrugated cardboard free of plastic tapes will compost if added to pile in small pieces, but that laminated cereal box won't.

Composting: Rotting the organic

Chop it fine
Chopping down the scraps to small bits can accelerate the process. Especially, when waste chunks are big like melon peels or take too long to decompose like orange peels. We bought one extra grinder jar to grind the peels and scraps before dumping in the compost bin. It’s a bit of extra work but does wonders for composting.

Composting: Rotting the organic
Composting: Rotting the organic

Manage scraps
Just because you compost your waste doesn’t mean you can generate more. Keep your scraps to minimum because managing a compost bin with less daily waste is a lot easier than the one that receive loads of fresh waste each day. Although you might not be able to route all your compost to your garden/ pots, the remainder can be donated or dumped in a nearby park. Learn more about composting through Planetous guide for composting.

Composting: Rotting the organic
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The right technique
If you don’t have a yard you can opt for anaerobic methods like bokashi, else for all those who even have a spacious balcony aerobic method is good to go. Just keep turning the pile from time to time is the key.

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