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The Living room and the Bedrooms

These spaces don’t generate regular waste but the choices we make while setting them up contribute to waste in the long term. Natural Biodegradable materials are not just waste free but also reduce indoor pollution caused by emssion of Volatile organic componds(VOCs) from furniture, paints etc.

Furniture, although is mostly made of wood but now a days Plastic furniture that mimics the wooden look often attracts people for its lesser weight and cost. But the enormous pain it causes to the planet is certainly of concern. Shelves and storage units made of plastics can be replaced with beautiful wooden or bamboo units.

The Living room and the Bedrooms

This is one thing for which people often get a lot of plastics inside their homes in oblivion. If your room decor comprises of plants, cotton hangings, or wooden items rather than plastic frames and decorative pieces you have generated practically no waste. People love the green lush that beautify their homes but Ironically, many of us buy plants made of plastic to evade maintainance. Have you ever wondered that plastics plants and flowers can be a health blunder for your family as instead of removing toxins like the real ones plastic replicas are a source of same.

The Living room and the Bedrooms
The Living room and the Bedrooms

We brought this up mainly because many people now a days change house flooring or lay a sheet of vinyl flooring just for a change of interiors or because it is visually appealing. Sadly, all these products end up in the landfills. However concealing home flooring with plastic is just like gift-wrapping flowers in cling film. If you want to insulate the floors a range of cotton and fabrics rugs are available.

The Living room and the Bedrooms
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Similarly fabrics are a major waste load especially for the clothes hoarders. Each time you buy a shirt because you were passing by and it looked good may lead to a cupboard full of waste clothing. And trust us, shopping less, and preferring natural fabrics can be made a way of shopping for clothes. In fact the process of down cycling plastic to make fabric is the main culprit behind micro plastics seeping into water supplies. So, next time make an organic fashion choice

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