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Waste free Rooms, waste free homes(Bathroom):

Bathroom doesn't heap up your waste bins, the way kitchen does. Waste from bathrooms is mainly from packaging. A more responsible attitude towards toiletries consumption can eliminate the waste coming from the bathroom.As we discussed above, reinventing the whole bathroom consumables at once might seem a bit daunting and therefore we will start with something easy i.e. reducing the consumption.

Shampoo and Bath
Start with by using all that what we have right now, to the maximum time stretch that we can.Dont switch to zero waste products by trashing what you all ready have. Shampoo less frequently or may be once or twicea week. Do a soda wash, vinegar wash or a Soap nut wash twice a week or so.For bathing you can ditch the use of soap for a plain salt water bath once a week; it relaxes the muscles and refreshes the body. You can also use green gram flour milled in bulk. Quit bodywashes altogether or keep a bottle in the cabinet to give yourself a change once a while.

Waste free Rooms, waste free homes(Bathroom):

Shaving and Dental care
Shaving everyday requires shaving cream, using a trimmer does not. We never had shaving cream or after shave in our house for that reason. You can style your beard the way you want and quit those wasteful tubes and bottles at the same time. For your teeth, there are some amazing ayurvedic dental powder recipes that can do wonders to your teeth, something that a branded toothpaste cant. And the best part is, they can be made easily right in your kitchen by grinding a bunch of ingredients in your Spice Grinder. Toothbrushes can easily be replaced with compostable bamboo brushes.

Waste free Rooms, waste free homes(Bathroom):
Waste free Rooms, waste free homes(Bathroom):

Separate Soiled or sweaty laundry from the almost clean ones. Clothes that are almost clean can be just given a quick rinse in water with a spoonful of baking soda. Heavily soiled laundry can be left to presoak in soda water. Rest of the job can be left to the mechanical action of washing machine.

Waste free Rooms, waste free homes(Bathroom):
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Skin Care
Who has not shelled out loads of money on wasteful skin care products which promise to contain a few natural ingredients? And to my surprise, most of these contain 99% chemicals and just traces of a few bio-extracts. Why all this when the all the goodness resides right in your kitchen. The best part is, you can customize your own according to your skin type :).

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